A New Take On Timeless Luxury

Cultural Influences; Sophisticated Designs. Feminine elegance at its finest. This is Fovari.Ethically sourced & luxury focused, we've re-invented couture for the modern woman. Our mission is to offer obsession worthy pieces that make you feel and look your best.

Purpose: To offer wearable works of art for the remarkable women who inspire our brand

Mission: To create sensational, obsession worthy designs which stand the test of time

Vision: To be the most admired luxury sustainable brand in the fashion industry

Paving the runway for ethical luxury fashion

We are reimagining our relationship with the natural world and with the communities that craft our garments. At every point in our design process we take accountability for our footprint. From our innovative textile methods to our relationships with artisan workers, Fovari is paving the runway for ethical luxury fashion.

Environmentally Conscious

It's our planet, so it's our responsibility to take care of it by minimizing waste, recycling and using all natural materials whenever possible.

Cruelty Free

We love animals and we stand against fashion's exploitation of them. Our products never contain fur, leather, feather, alligator or crocodile material.

Safe & fair conditions

We ensure that our garment workers, who are mostly women, have safe, fair, and inclusive working conditions while being paid a livable wage. That also means we have ZERO tolerance for forced or child labor.


An American of Syrian decent, Yara Shoemaker founded FOVARI in 2020 with the purpose of creating an iconic fashion house that celebrates women's femininity and sensuality in a truly elegant way.

Three words come to mind when describing Yara's inspiration: nature, history and kindness.

FOVARI is a condensation of these three driving forces. The timelessness of her designs derives from nature were Yara finds peace and harmony.

The detailed craftsmanships emerge from the rigor of history from which she obtains wisdom and strength. The beauty of each Fovari piece is born of kindness were she discovers purpose and meaning.