A New Take On Timeless Luxury

Cultural Influences; Sophisticated Designs. Feminine elegance at its finest. This is Fovari. Ethically sourced & luxury focused, we've re-invented couture for the modern woman. Our mission is to offer obsession worthy pieces that make you feel and look your best.

From our Founder

"It's important to accentuate and celebrate the female form in all of my designs. My goal is to always create timeless, artistic, and wearable couture for the modern woman."

— Yara Shoemaker

Our Ethos

Wear The Change You Wish To See

We are reimagining our relationship with the natural world and with the communities that craft our garments. At every point in our design process we take accountability for our footprint. From our innovative textile methods to our relationships with artisan workers, Fovari is paving the runway for ethical luxury fashion.

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