Clothes tell a story. They reveal something about the people and places that create them. Fast fashion, for example, tells the story of the profound environmental and social costs levied by mass produced clothing. Our story is radically different. We are reimagining our relationship with the natural world and with the communities that craft our garments. At every point in our design process we take accountability for our footprint. From our innovative textile methods to our relationships with artisan workers, Fovari is paving the runway for ethical luxury fashion.

Investing in a Fovari piece means you are propelling the sustainability movement forward. You are pushing the boundaries of how clothing is made. You are choosing timeless collectibles over short-lived, trendy disposables. When you wear Fovari, the story you're telling can change the future.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world—right after the oil industry. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions and textile factory wastewater, fast fashion also produces an enormous amount of single-use plastic. This is having a devastating effect on the world in which we live. 

Then there’s the human factor. Working conditions in the fashion industry have historically relied on the exploitation of cheap labor and the violation of workers’, women’s, and human rights. Garment producers are some of the lowest paid workers in the world. And about 85% of them are women.


Our Materials:

As an emerging luxury brand, we’re still learning how to consider our bottom line without biting the hand that feeds us. We also know that materials play a crucial role in sustainability. That’s why we source our fabrics from trusted partners in countries with strict environmental regulations. 

Part of sustainability is also minimizing waste— and that includes cutting waste from the frontline. Packaging is our main focus when it comes to diminishing trash. Our anti theft tags are made from recycled material whenever available and with the least amount of paper and plastic possible. Ultimately, anything leftover then gets recycled for industrial use.

Finally, we stand against fashion’s exploitation of animals. Our products never contain fur, leather, feather, alligator or crocodile material. When you wear a Fovari garment, you are supporting an ethically sourced, cruelty free product.

Our Factories:

European factories enforce stricter environmental regulations than factories in other parts of the world. That’s why the majority of our pieces are made in Europe by our certified factory partners. This means our garment workers earn livable wages in safe working environments that are free of forced or child labor.

For our hand embroidered designs, we partner with small, independent artisans. Working with them directly enables us to help them scale their businesses while ensuring they are treated with respect at all times.

Our Packaging:

Unboxing experiences have become a staple in today's cultureespecially when it comes to luxury goods. But in the minute that it takes a customer to unpack a garment, the waste created can take up to 450 years to decompose! We must do better. That's why at Fovari, we're flipping the unpacking experience on its head by encouraging our customers to 'go naked' with us! Instead of delivering our garments in layers upon layers of single-use paper and plastic, we're creating a culture of naked packaging. We use 100% compostable mailers made from corn that fully biodegrade in 180 days.

Our goal is for nothing to end up in the trash—and that includes shipping waste.  


With the privilege of running a company comes the responsibility of upholding human rights. That means we must do everything we can to ensure that our garment workers—who are mostly women—have safe, fair, and inclusive working conditions while being paid a livable wage. That also means we have ZERO tolerance for forced or child labor.

Garment workers form the backbone of our industry’s supply chain. They deserve the right to a fair job and equal treatment. At Fovari, we support the diversity, inclusion, and personal development of our garment workersand we call on others to do the same.


We’re a new brand. That means we’re still growing. As the new kids on the block, we want to champion other factories, businesses, and designers that uphold the same ethical standards as Fovari. If you have an idea or a suggestion for a collaboration that could propel sustainability forward, let us know! We are better together.